Numeum's social department is committed to developing the industry's social dialogue and actively supporting its members in implementing labor law rules.

Social dialogue

Within the Syntec federation, Numeum actively participates in the development of a constructive branch social dialogue, in line with the needs of digital companies and their employees.

NUMEUM's positions are built up within the "Social" Commission and the "Social" Bureau, then validated by the Board of Directors.

To this end, some forty HRDs from companies in all digital professions meet every month to exchange views on the latest social, legal and jurisprudential developments in the sector.

Member services

Attentive to the needs of its members in the social field, Numeum helps them find answers to all their questions either:

  • via regularly published "social" letters and thematic sheets
  • .
  • at monthly web conferences and themed mornings
  • .
  • via the SVP service, which each year answers over 4,000 common labor law questions relating to understanding collective bargaining agreements, branch agreements and legislative and case law developments.