Day-Click program

The Day-Click is a program designed to raise awareness among middle and high school students about the digital sector and its professions.

Various actions are set up:

  • A quarterly newsletter "le Day-Click" sent to schools and distributed at trade fairs
  • .
  • Participating in student trade fairs to introduce future talent to digital professions
  • .
  • Highlighting digital professions by producing videos, interviews and testimonials
  • .
Day-Click program

International program

Accelerate your international development with our support program!

Numeum facilitates its members' international development by putting them in touch with key organizations and schemes, organizing meetings and events to share best practices, and providing a targeted monitoring system.

Learn more about our international program.

International program

Digital Responsibility Program

The numeum Responsible Digital program aims to support all digital companies in a more responsible approach.

Because the place of digital technology is now central to our society, the sector has a dual responsibility: to embark on a responsible trajectory based on consideration of the sector's societal and environmental impact, and to highlight the potential of digital technology in the service of a more inclusive and ecological society.

His actions:

  • Coordinate initiatives undertaken by all Numeum bodies,
  • Dialoguing with the ecosystem
  • Strengthen the organization's visibility with public authorities
"By joining the Planet Tech'Care initiative, launched by Numeum, we benefited from the expertise of its members through various workshops and accelerated the development of ZeenPlanet, our Green IT approach"

Laurence Desoulière

Marketing and Business Development Director | Zeendoc by Sages Informatique

#5000startups program

Boost your startup's business with our support program!

Numeum has developed dedicated services to support its hundreds of member startups throughout France, from business start-up to sales development.

In addition to the HR, legal and tax support to which all members have access, and financing support, Numeum startups benefit from three specific levers for their business: collaboration with major global groups, implementation of an indirect sales strategy and international acceleration.

Mike Fedida, in charge of Numeum's Startups and International programs

  • Email:
  • Tel: 01 44 30 49 87
  • Mobile: 06 59 25 95 02
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Numeum administrator in charge of the Startups program
Guillaume Buffet, President of U Change.

#5000startups program