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Our offer dedicated to startups

Startups don't have the same resources as large corporations. To meet their day-to-day challenges, Numeum is strengthening its services with a dedicated offering, for just 200 euros a year, complementary to those of gas pedals and incubators. Eligible companies are those less than three years old and with annual sales of less than 300,000 euros.

By joining Numeum, like over 850 startups already, you also join a community of hundreds of major potential partners. To provide you with the best possible support, our aim is to:

  • Give you access to the same level of support as our major members in social, legal, tax, training and other areas.
  • To represent you, defend your interests and add value within the framework of our institutional relations.
  • Provide you with services to make it easier for you to start up your business, thanks to :
    • free legal consultations, including in particular one-hour appointments with lawyers specializing in labor, digital and business law. Numeum thus helps its startups achieve their first commercial successes and secure their first contracts.
    • A package of three insurances, worth €2,500 incl. VAT per year and negotiated at a rate of €1,500 incl. VAT per year, to protect the startup and its managers:
      • Operating and Professional Civil Liability (RCP Pro) to protect the company from the financial consequences of damage caused to third parties/customers and to cover defense costs;
      • Property damage to cover equipment, business premises (including in incubators) and financial costs in the event of accidental events (fire, water damage, theft, machine breakdown, operating loss, computer malware, etc.);
      • Directors' liability to financially protect the personal assets of de jure or de facto directors following management faults or breaches of legal or regulatory obligations.
  • Support in obtaining the Research Tax Credit (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche - CIR): free diagnosis, without obligation or commercial canvassing, on the eligibility of activities and with a preferential tariff offer. A complementary service is also available to ensure the CIR in the event of tax adjustments.
  • A solution to facilitate collaboration with major groups. By joining Numeum, our startups benefit from a 15% discount on the "Confiance 360" solution from Exaegis. Thanks to this offer, the major account gets all the guarantees it needs to collaborate securely with a startup. For its part, the startup finds the arguments it needs to sign the contract with the major group (benefit from the offer).
  • The provision of a social and legal SVP. Numeum enables its startups to find all the answers to their questions in this area. They also benefit from numerous publications on these issues (legal letters, contractual guides, practical sheets, etc.).
  • Une complémentaire santé to offer self-employed professionals (Travailleur Non Salarié) health cover tailored to their needs and those of their families. This contract benefits from the provisions of the "Madelin law" (tax deduction of contributions).
  • A concierge service to support the Travailleur Non Salarié in his personal issues and bring him greater well-being on a daily basis.

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