Since its creation in June 2021, Numeum has established itself as the voice of digital companies in dealings with public authorities and professional organizations, in France and the European Union.

Digital businesses are transforming the world in its social, societal, economic and political dimensions, in a context where borders no longer have the same meaning.

Supporting French digital companies

Numeum's ambition is to represent and support French digital sector companies in all their challenges, by actively participating in the development of public policies and legislative and regulatory frameworks that concern us. This mission can only be achieved on one condition: a strong presence in Brussels.

As the capital of the European Union, defining up to 70% of the public policies and legislative frameworks applicable in France and all the other member countries of the European Union, Brussels is today, along with Washington, one of the two most influential capitals in the world in terms of public and regulatory policies, well beyond legal and political borders. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has rapidly established itself as a global standard, influencing legislators in other countries.

Framing the data economy, rules and coordination of cybersecurity policies, R&D investment programs, rules and orders in public procurement, framing artificial intelligence... We can no longer count the subjects directly or indirectly impacting our sector, decisive for our business models and by extension for our performance and success.

A permanent presence in Brussels

Aware of this reality, and keen to be a recognized force for proposals in the European legislative process, Numeum has decided to set up a permanent representative based in Brussels. Our aim is to maintain a close dialogue with the European institutions, but also with all the organizations representing digital players, such as Digital Europe, whose Board Numeum has just joined.


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