Performance analysis and verification of telecommunication networks (SW and HW) on operational issues such as cybersecurity, interconnectivity, and component reusability. In other words, Design of system architectures, algorithms, and implementation architectures for validation and verification of prototypes or products using system identification methodology, including AI methods in applications such as:

IoT devices of low-power consumption for industrial applications
Design of crypto engines to provide data protection in wireless networks enabling detection applications; Led the development of a crypto engine prototype integrated with a beta product based on Motorola microcontrollers.

IMT-2020 (5G) standards in the residential environment
Design of the network access architecture for ultra-low energy and high data rate multimedia streaming applications, using the DECT-ULE and DECT-2020 New Radio standards; DECT means Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.

Digitalization of electricity distribution networks
Cybersecurity functional analysis of the digitalized and integrated LAN networks for monitoring and controlling electricity distribution in a smart village.